Personal Finances

Once we get out of the tax season, our qualified team of professionals gets involved in many value-added services as requested by the needs of our diverse client base.

Our staff of qualified professionals would like to answer any questions you may have on how we can make your life easier and better in a variety of areas. As your CPA, we are your best-positioned advisor to provide independent impartial advice on areas such as estate, retirement and insurance matters. We are familiar with your financial background and have a continuing relationship that is already in place.

Services that we want to offer to you during the summer and fall months are outlined below.


Estate Planning Do you have a will? If your estate is greater than $675,000, do you have the tools in place to avoid any unnecessary estate taxes? Do you need an independent advisor to assist you on the complicated choices?
Retirement Planning Are you maximizing the savings options available to you? How much do you need to save each year to retire at the age you want to?
Home PC Support  Do you need assistance with software installation or hardware setup?   Do you need help getting your internet connections configured?
Bill Paying and Checkbook Services Truthfully now, when was the last time you balanced your checkbook?   Paying late fees because you keep putting off the monthly task of writing checks? Are these projects that you just don’t want to do?
Rent vs. Buy Decisions Looking for a new car and wondering whether to buy or lease? Or are you currently renting and wondering if it is time to buy a house?
Year End Tax Planning Wondering if there is a better way to arrange your finances to lower your taxes? Or just need to know when to make that tax-deductible payment to maximize your tax benefit?
Business Startup  Are you starting or running a business? Can we help install a simple accounting system tailored for you? Are you sure that you have the four cornerstones in place for running your business?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we can help! Feel free to contact our office to request more information on the related services and benefits that you can expect in each of these areas. We can also advise on pricing structures for these areas in which we can provide valuable assistance.